Private Charity Setup & Administration

Clarke & Brownrigg are the leading specialists in assisting with the setup and administration of private charities. Our advice guides individuals and organisations through the complexities of setting up and running a charitable structure.

Through our advice, the accountants at Clarke & Brownrigg will ensure you have a clearly articulated strategy for your private charity and the appropriate professional team with the capability and leadership to achieve the charities defined outcomes.

With private charitable structures often forming part of an inter-generational legacy, we will listen and be guided by your wishes to ensure that the charity is able to fit your greater estate planning.

Experienced in the setup and administration of private charities, we will be able to help you better understand what entity structure will suit your needs – factoring in tax implications, planning distributions vs retaining capital within the charity, eligible beneficiaries and the role of donors.

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Why You Should Work With Clarke & Brownrigg


Our team of accountants has decades of experience across a broad range of industries. From startups to multigenerational businesses – we have the right skills and expertise.

Client Focused

while our day to day is spent dealing with dollars and cents, our focus is on our clients. Using the latest software and business practices, we ensure we have the time to spend more time our clients and understand their needs


We help you understand your private charity better, providing an honest, transparent approach to accounting designed to build your trust in us and generate valuable insights for your organisation

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